Bamboo Bamboo 天然竹餐盤 - 猴子
Bamboo Bamboo 天然竹餐盤 - 猴子

Bamboo Bamboo 天然竹餐盤 - 猴子

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Need a cute plate that fits enough food for a growing toddler? The cheeky monkey suction plate is sturdy, easy to clean and excellent for transitioning from a sectioned plate to a regular one. Fits well on smaller highchairs. 

Easy to clean

Hand-wash in warm water with mild dish detergent and allow to air-dry. Apply coconut oil once a month to extend lifetime of your plate.


100% bamboo. Unlike too many baby products, your plate will not end up littering the oceans, leaving a clean up mission for our children. 


Width: 23cm / 9in

Length: 20cm / 8in

Suction diameter: 15cm / 6in